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Outdoor LED Strip Lights: Waterproof with Benefits


Are outdoor LED strip lights waterproof? For most intents and purposes, they certainly are. While not recommended for use underwater, LED light strips made by reputable companies like Movilume are able to withstand any weather conditions Canada can throw their way. Resistance to humidity and weather conditions are not the only reasons to invest in permanent LED lighting strips for your home or business. Those who opt for a modern take on outdoor lighting will reap the benefits associated with quality lighting. Security, convenience, customizability, and durability all come together in an affordable lighting system that will last years longer than any other outdoor lighting system on the market today.



One of the many reasons people choose to put up exterior lighting on their home or business is as a security feature. CPTED(crime prevention through environmental design) principles state that lighting serves two primary functions. The first is to give an air of ownership to the property in question. A well-maintained home with eye-attracting features shows that the property is cared for and that criminal activities in the vicinity will be noticed, thereby increasing the odds of a call to the appropriate authorities. Second, exterior lighting makes it difficult for criminals to hide. The more lighting on a property, the more difficult it is for a trespasser to approach the building with any kind of stealth. LED strip lighting is an excellent way to add these security features to your home or business.



Outdoor lighting can serve several purposes. It can accent your home in interesting ways, add sophistication, and can even be used to celebrate or support holidays and causes. Outdoor LED lighting systems can be easily altered through the use of a phone app. Change the colour of the lights to suit any occasion. Imagine setting up Christmas lights with a few simple phone taps. The finest lights available in the GTA can be changed to show support for your favourite sports team, or even causes that matter to you. You could sport a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, but to spread the word further than a ribbon, why not change your lights to pink? It’s simple and convenient!



LED strip lighting is the single best option for Canadian homes and businesses. Incandescent bulbs have a short life expectancy, generate a lot of heat, and use a substantial amount of power to operate. In many places, including Canada, incandescent bulbs are being phased out, which will make it increasingly difficult to find bulbs at higher wattages. Fluorescent bulbs are not well suited to outdoor purposes. They’re prone to damage from vibrations caused by wind, and they often don’t operate adequately in lower temperatures. Metal halide lighting isn’t available in many colours and can take up to seven minutes to reach peak light output. LEDs on the other hand, use very little power, last up to 50,000 hours, and are not affected by wind or temperature changes. Best of all, they are highly resistant to humidity and moisture.


If you’re looking for a perfect outdoor lighting solution for your home or business, it might be time to consider an upgrade to outdoor LED strip lighting. It’s waterproof, cost-effective to operate, adds security, and it’s simple to operate through an app.